You could help Reactivate by donating money, donating goods or services, or your time.

If you represent a Charity or a Company, you might like to help us provide shows for Special Schools.

Each year Reactivate writes to Charities and Commercial Companies, throughout the UK, asking for their support. Each year we hope to organise as many performances, of Pantomime and Shakespeare, for as many Special Schools as possible, across England and Wales and so we ask them to sponsor one or more of these shows.

We organise shows for all types of Special Schools; catering for children aged 3 - 19 yrs with all types of disability; Physical Handicaps; those with Learning Difficulties (MLD, SLD, PMLD); those with Emotional or Behavioural problems, and those with Hearing or Sight problems. Some of the schools cater solely for PMLD children with sensory deprivation.

For each 300 we receive in sponsorship, we can arrange that one Special School has a free performance, if the school is able to contribute to the cost then we can arrange more. The average number of pupils, their teachers and carers, watching a show is 180, so while some schools are large enough to always have a performance of their own; some of the smaller schools get together to share a performance. You might particularly like to help a Special School or a number of Special Schools in your immediate locality or a particular area of the country and we will ensure that any donation you make is used in accordance with those wishes.

Alternatively you might prefer to donate an item which we could place in one of the raffles which we regularly use to raise funds towards our work.

If you are an individual, you might like to help us pay for a Tutor at our Drama Centre for the Disabled in Wrexham.

Reactivate is currently developing a warehouse unit on the Rhosddu Industrial Estate, Rhosrobin ,Wrexham for use as a Drama Centre for the Disabled. We will shortly be starting a Drama & Movement class one evening a week, for disabled children and young adults. The class will be provided to them Free of Charge and so we are raising the necessary funds to pay for a tutor for these sessions. Those attending the class will earn credits towards Wrexham Children's University awards. If you would like to make a donation to Reactivate, and you are a taxpayer, please consider using GIFT AID, to enable Reactivate to claim back the tax already paid on your donation.

If you represent a professional theatre, opera or ballet company we would be grateful if you would consider donating any unwanted props, costumes, shoes or boots; lighting or sound equipment (even if it doesn't work).

In fact, we would be grateful for anything you may be able to offer us. We are creating what we hope will be an exciting, interactive foyer area for the children at our Drama Centre. There will be theatre curtains, dressing up boxes, and interactive displays. There will be a Control box and a ticket booth (manned by dummies) and recording lights that can be switched on and off. We would also like to include some interactive sounds and smells. If you can help us with any equipment, costumes or props they would be most gratefully received and we can add your name to the display boards where we credit all those who have helped us with the building.

If you are a local ( to Wrexham, North Wales) Tradesman or Supplier you could help us with our Drama Centre.

You could help us by donating Building Materials, general household items (eg loo rolls, washing up liquid etc) or your time. There is still a lot of work to be done to complete the Centre, we have a set of stairs leading to the upper floor, where we hope to create a third classroom, as well as a costume store, work room and a drying room, none of which are finished. And we want to create an exciting foyer area for the children, with theatre curtains, dressing up boxes, and interactive displays. So we would be most grateful for any help in the form of wood, perspex, electrical equipment, linoleum or floor tiles, paint, chairs, shelving units, notice boards, costume rails and the help of a plasterer, joiner, electrician, painter, artist etc again all those who help us will be credited on our building display.

Any ideas on how we could deliver smells during a performance

For many years, Reactivate has been trying to encourage theatre companies to introduce smells into their performances. For those children with limited sensory abilities, it can add another dimension to a performance. However, so far, no one has been able to come up with a way of delivering a range of everyday type smells (eg the sea, a farm, a meadow, an arab market place ). The "smells" system, we envisage would be used initially for Special Needs children, but there would be no problem in expanding its use to other children's and adult audiences.

So what is in we need.......Well, the delivery system must be portable and take no more than 15 minutes to set up. The performances we organise take place in schools, in a school hall or similar venue, so can vary in size from a large portacabin to a huge sports arena, although we would expect to use no more than an area of about 40-50 feet square and so any delivery system would have to cover that sort of area. A variable output level would also be useful. We would also envisage there being more than one unit in use at the same time to give coverage and a range of smells. The control of the smells would be in the hands of a Stage Manager, who also controls sound and lighting, from a remote control board. So the smells would also have to be controlled remotely. The normal cueing time, for lights and sound, would be a matter of seconds, but for the smells anything up to a minute would be acceptable, although the shorter the better. During a performance we would like there to be a number of different smells to go along with the change of scene during the play, this could be as many as 10 or 12.

To summarise, we envisage a unit that can deliver any of 12 different smells at the press of a remote set of buttons or slider controls, in a small portable unit. Mounted on poles on either side of the audience it would disperse each smell over a 25 foot radius.

If any one can help, please e-mail us at

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