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Aladdin set Widow Twankey's Laundry

Wishy Washy
Wishy Washy welcomes you to Widow Twankey's Laundry....Best Laundry in All China.

Aladdin gives Wishy Washy a fright Aladdin and Wishy Washy
Aladdin, our Hero, arrives and gives Wishy Washy a fright. He is always playing practical jokes.
Princess Soshy complains about the laundry Aladdin is in love
Aladdin is secretly in love with the Emperor's daughter, Princess Soshy.

Widow Twankey Snap out of it Aladdin

Wash that girl right out of your hair
Widow Twankey is not impressed. How can someone as poor as Aladdin want to marry a Princess.

Abenazer Hinge and Bracket
An opportunity arrives for Aladdin in the shape of his "long, lost Uncle" Abenazer, who arrives with his two Gargoyle servants, Hinge and Bracket.

Abenazer, the great magician Abenazer wows Widow Twanky
He needs Aladdin him to recover an item of small value that he has lost inside a cave.

To the Dark Cave, Bracket! The cave is full of gold and jewels
Aladdin is taken to the Dark Cave, and Abenazer sends him inside to recover the lamp.

Abenazer shuts him in, All Alone in the dark
But Aladdin argues with him, and Abenazer shuts him inside. As it gets dark Aladdin tries to light the lamp he has found in the cave. When it won't light, Aladdin tries to clean it up by rubbing it.

Look at all this treasure Pooooooph! and a Genie appears

just call me Gwyn for short I can have you out of here in a flash.
Out pops a Genie. His name is Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, but people call him Gwyn for short. He gets Aladdin home in a jiffy... with lots of gold and the magic lamp.

Audience participation the Sausage song Chinese Policemen....Eh..oH!
Back in the laundry, Wishy Washy enlists the help of some members of the audience to help with the Emperor's laundry. Then the Chinese Policemen arrive looking for Abenazer.

The Emperor and his daughter You can't possibly allow your daughter to marry HIM, your majesty. 300 caskets of gold
With his new found wealth, Aladdin is able to marry the Princess.

what size? rescue the princess Abenazer gets his due

But at the wedding, Abenazer steals the Magic Lamp and kidnaps Aladdin's new Bride. Aladdin and Wishy Washy give chase, rescue the Princess, send Abenazer to jail and live Happily Ever After.

Wedding Celebration finale

During 2007, "Aladdin" also performed at a local Theatre, the STIWT. To help us fill the full sized stage, we added a junior chorus, with some extra songs for them to sing. There was also extra bits of scenery taking advantage of the flying facilities and pyros.

Widow Twankey's Chinese Laundry Wishy Washy & Aladdin Widow Twankey's Chinese Laundry Junior Chorus

To the Dark Cave Look at all the treasure

Wedding Scene

Abenazer's African Palace Junior Chorus Abenazer's African Palace