Babes in the Wood - Bitesize Theatre Company


Never come down to the Withering Wood, it's our patch!
Scary Fairies !!!!

Robin Hood and his Merry Men
Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet with Dermot and Bob

Bob the Builder and Dermot the Gardener
Bob and Dermot in the castle.

Nursey looks after the Babes
Nursey and the Babes

Sheriff has it in for the Babes The Sheriff wants the reluctant Marian to marry him.
The Evil Sheriff turns his attentions on the Babes and then on Marian

Marian misses Her childhood sweetheart , Robin. Nursey rather likes Dermot.
Nursey comforts Marian, but has designs on Dermot.

The villagers of nearby Worksop.
Scary Villagers !!!!

Robin and Marian live happily ever after.
Robin and Marian.